Supply side of the economics is the kind of theory proposed by the Ronald Reagan of the republican who opines that supply of the goods and services should be increased in that should be available for the consumer. This theory believes that if corporate taxes are down and kept at low level then business would do more research and good chunk of amount would be spend on the research and development resulting in new products. This will make variety of products in the market and that would make consumer to buy those good according to the choice and needs. Consumer sentiment measures household perceptions of current economic conditions and expectations for the near-term and long-term future. Because sentiment changes have historically shown a direct correlation with spending behavior, the index is considered to be a key indicator for retail spending. When consumers perceive their income, employment and housing to be stable, they are more inclined to spend on big-ticket items like appliances and electronics. Price of household appliances typically moves in accordance with demand fluctuations and the cost of major material inputs, such as steel and plastic. Manufacturers pass production cost increases to retail outlets, which are usually able to pass on such increases to their customers. As appliance prices rise, improving consumer sentiment and demand will buoy the flow-through price increases for retailers. This will drive revenue growth and enhance profitability. In economics assignment help we ensure students to get hold of the different economics concepts including both sides of the economics i.e. demand and the supply side.

Demand side of the economics is opposite of the supply side of the economics. In demand side economics Keynesian opines that real wages of the people should be increased and that would increase their demand of the products and services. In this theory wealth is redistributed from the rich to the poor and the middle class of people. In this theory one of the concerns is that increase demand can increase the inflation of the nation. In economics homework help our experts make sure to provided best solution to the students assignment which help them in garnering more than above average marks.